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How Bad Does It Hurt to Get a Tattoo on Your Hip ?

How Bad Does It Hurt to Get a Tattoo on Your HipIt is extremely painful and i wouldn't recommend you get it if there is a low pain tolerance. However most tattoos are likely hurt to some certain extent its whether you can handle for the pain. The more flesh you have the much less its goin to hurt, with your hip the particular flesh is pretty thin and ALL navicular bone hence the particular pain. My advice would be to get the item somewhere with additional padding...

I have a the queen's on my personal hip, about the size of a shut fist. It has ALOT details. I psyched myself out before i acquired it mainly because i was sooo tense. It didnt harm too undesirable during, on a scale connected with 1-10 with regards to a or the 5. The only part that hurt was when he was discussing my navicular bone. If you get it reduced where your current jeans tend to be rubbing every time you wander, stand upwards, or take a moment it turns into a pain inside butt.

How Bad Does It Hurt to Get a Tattoo on Your HipI couldnt snooze either mainly because i snooze on my personal stomach, and my partner and i wasnt in a position to. Hope this will help you!
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