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Halloween II - in theaters

Halloween II, Rob Zombie's own vision of Michael Myers, is out now. This is not a remake, but a completely new movie. Rob Zombie had sta...

August 2009, Pada: 12:48 PM

After Dark Films - Join the Horrorfest 4 Street Team

After Dark Films posted the following: Interested in becoming an official Horrorfest street team member? Wanna help get the word out for ou...

August 2009, Pada: 5:12 PM

popular tattoo sexy girls on body design

August 2009, Pada: 6:12 PM

DVD Releases This Week

Last House on the Left (2009) The Last House on the Left [Blu-ray] Surveillance [Blu-ray]

August 2009, Pada: 5:46 PM

Comic Con 2009 Report - Boondock Saints II Interviews

By: Terry Bunch Saturday morning, we met in the presidential suite at the Westin Hotel to interview the cast of Boondock Saints II. We spoke...

August 2009, Pada: 10:00 AM

Comic Con 2009 Report - Fear Clinic Interviews

By: Terry Bunch Friday afternoon, the press gathered in a private room at the convention center to interview the cast of FEARnet's upcom...

August 2009, Pada: 9:57 AM

Interview: David Johnson (screenwriter for Orphan) Interview With David Johnson (screenwriter for Orphan) By: Terry Bunch 1. Orphan is based on a story by yourself and Alex Mace...

August 2009, Pada: 9:52 AM

Movies Featuring Metal Band Member Cameos

This list is NOT complete and is intended to grow as time progresses. Jon Bon Jovi "U-571" (2000) Lt. Pete Emmett Alice Cooper &...

August 2009, Pada: 9:50 AM

Movies Featuring Metal Soundtracks

Metal Soundtracks This list is NOT complete and is intended to grow as time progresses. Heavy Metal (1981) features: * Black Sabbath - Mo...

August 2009, Pada: 9:45 AM
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